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The Brushes

The Private Collection consists of a 12 piece brush set that is handmade by Japanese Artisans. The brushes are of exceptional quality and in the realm of global Haute Couture fashion houses. This is the ULTIMATE in beauty tools.

Introducing the Face Set. 6 luxurious brushes that are handmade by Artisans in Japan. Each brush in the set can serve multiple functions and is of extremely high quality!



The Eye set is a combination of eye make up tools that are specially created to suit every eye and create any eye look. The intricacy of these brushes ensure flawless application


The bristles in this range produce moderate resilience and great colouring! Each brush can be used for multiple uses! Here are just a few guidelines:


  1. Foundation 

Used to apply and blend foundation.

Natural and Synthetic Fibres.


  1. Concealer / Cream contour


Used to apply and blend concealer.

Carefully designed bristles create an angled surface perfect for concealer, cream contour and cream highlight as well.

Natural and Synthetic Fibres.


  1. Blush


The densely packed bristles make this blush perfect from beginners to professionals. Our blush brush will apply an intense and uniform coverage with one stroke. Made from resilient yet extremely soft natural hair and synthetic fibre.


  1. Contour 


The Pointed tip is carefully designed to offer great control and makes this brush ideal for contour and highlight. It makes it effortless to achieve your desired effect. Works well as a small blush brush too. 

Super soft Natural fibre


  1. Highlight / Contour / Powder


Another multi use brush. Shaped for easy control to accentuate the contour of the face and apply highlighter and under eye powder with a super soft touch. 

Super soft Natural fibre


  1. Flat Eyeshadow

Perfect to apply Shadow to the top of the lid.

Super soft natural fibre.


  1. Eyeshadow Blender

Perfect for the upperlid area and crease. Applies great colour pay off and blends so wonderfully in the crease and outer v of the eye. Can be used for cream, powder and liquid.


  1. Ultimate Eye Blender

Amazing blender for in the crease and between colours as well. Smudging can also be easily achieved. Doubles as the perfect nose contour or to apply powder highlight to small areas.


  1. Pointed Eye Brush

This brush can be used to smudge shadow and liner. It also blends colours precisely and is great for details like undereye and cut creases. Glide your hand slowly when using this brush for the best effect.


  1. Eyebrow 

Use shadow or cream to apply strokes to the eyebrows


Super fine and angled perfectly for a clean line and perfect flick


  1. Lip

Perfect for applying the most precise lip shape.

This small brush allows you to apply liner with absolute precision. Can also double up to smudge and apply eyeliner along the lashes.


  1. Ultimate Powder

This brush is so luxuriously soft! It's use ranges for so many things, it's the perfect all rounder. Use it to apply powder all over the face. Thanks to the pointed shape of the densely packed bristles, this brush will help you create dramatic color on your cheeks. It will also work well for bronzer and can be used as a highlight brush!! In a hurry you can use the tip for a subtle contour.